And Another Year

- by BronyBorn

A few changes this time around.

Firstly, a farewell.
After much consideration by the podcast, I have been informed that Lunar Echoes will be indefinitely suspending the podcast as they are unable to continue producing it with their current state. We have immensely enjoyed their friendship and entertainment they brought to the station and wish them all the best with their future plans. We look forward to a day of which they might return. They will be broadcasting their 75th and final episode next Friday (10/2).

Secondly, a formal welcome.
We recently added another member to our team. Zooman Stan has been brought on as a music manager. We look forward to the efforts that he will put forth to help get and keep our music up to date (something that has been sorely needed). 

Lastly, hiatus is over.
Blackwind and his crew will be returning to HWGO on Saturdays starting next week. Feel free to tune in for episode discussion and fun banter about ponies.

Zooman Glad to join the team! Keep sending in those music requests!
Brainy Two things. First of all, should we just put song suggestions as comments? I didn't seem to find any other way to do it, so I just stuck to doing it. Secondly, are the songs on the "Request a Song" page the only songs that this station has to offer? I was wondering if there were some songs you guys have that were either not visible, or just have not been added. Even still, I enjoy listening to this station very often for it has exactly the type of music I enjoy listening to.
Zooman @Brainy Any new songs you find that you think would go great with our station, send them to There is no limit to songs as long as you keep sending them in! Your feedback is much appreciated!
Brainy Thanks! I have sent an e-mail there.

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