Podcast Hiatus

- by BronyBorn

I have been informed by the Lunar Echoes staff that the podcast will be taking an indefinite hiatus. They wish for the reason to be left as a private matter until further notice. To the loyal listeners, we hope you enjoyed what Lunar Echoes brought to LR, and all the best to the LE staff for whatever is in your future (we do hope you can return someday).

MixA4 I'm really going to miss this stream. I hope it comes back soon. Maybe they could hire me instead? :D
SirusStar I could run a stream during the summer if that would help any? I'll have lots of free time, so I'll be able to dedicate myself and my resources into it. It would only be for the summer though. After that if you wanted me to continue, then I would consider it :)

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