2 Years And Still Running

- by BronyBorn

Well, another year gone by... man, does time fly...
I'm not one to over hype anniversaries, but I am proud of how far we've come. Thank you all for supporting us (even if you are new here).


So, things are starting to rev back up again for us. The station will be having a lot of new in the near future. Here's what you can expect:

  • New Website! - I was hoping to get it completed by today, but it's still missing the asynchronous browsing and a few more minor features. Until then, I just wanted to let you guys checkout what the new site is going to look like. (Note: The main site and the new site do not share DB info. Changes to account data on one will not effect the other at this time. Existing accounts that were made prior to today are on both sites.) 
  • New Music - It's getting close to completion. The first half of the new/updated music will be uploaded within the next month or so. The other half still needs to be scrubbed through. (Trust me... it's a LOT of new music)
  • New Promos - We will be updating and adding some new show promos as well. I know you guys love to listen to Illya's voice, but variety is the spice of life, is it not?
I hope you guys are looking forward to this update.

Bucket Neat new site. Some feedback: • Can't vote in the poll (not sure if it just closed due to time) • Pod icons look very clickable, makes me expect a short explanation blurb on what the pod is about/when it airs. • I personally dislike moving buttons, like the ">Close" buttons that spring from the + buttons. I'd prefer for the + to stay where it is and change into a - for closing. • Clicking on a song for info gives me info about whatever song was on when I started listening, rather than the current song. and finally, • Woody's "I, Princess Celestia Intrsumental" has a typo :P
Bucket I have no idea how to format, but I hope you can decipher that mess.

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