Things to come...

- by BronyBorn

So I realize that there haven't been many updates here recently, and whether or not that will change in the future is to be seen... BUT there will be some big updates coming in the next few months (they will be worked on in the order listed).

1) BABS (Brony Announcement Bot System): PVL's IRC bot that I'm heading development for. She'll be helping get the IRC a bit more active and such for both LR and PVL in general.

2) LAMP (Lr Autodj Music Project): Luna Radio's AutoDJ collection is quite a number of months old and is high time for some fresh sounds.

3) WIP (Website Improvement Project): I've been contemplating what would be best to improve the website recently. With a good amount of feedback from you guys, I've got a solid idea of where to take the site next. (Yes, it includes a radio that stays playing across pages)

The first 2 shouldn't take TOO long, but the third one will be a bit more time consuming. I'll keep you guys updated when I can.

Special thanks to Ralph B., Gabriel G. and Latent Logic for their recent donations.