Small Update

- by BronyBorn

I've been busy with some IRL things (trying to get a job, working on some sites, etc), so I haven't been able to work on LR as much as I'd like.
But I'd like to let you know that there is a new podcast we will be broadcast starting Thursday. Check the Schedule for exact times.

Also, a shoutout to Sirus Star for a $15 donation. Thank you.

A Belated Welcome

- by BronyBorn

Welcome BurntMango to the Luna Radio staff. He will be doing a Sunday morning piano improvisation show called "Morning Melodies". Check the schedule for exact times. Also be sure to have a look at his Youtube channel as well. There are a number of fantastic compositions on there.
We are extremely happy to have him aboard!

Also, a shoutout to Jan S. who donated $20 last week. Thank you.


- by BronyBorn

I'll be doing a special NMN set of music that centers around Luna and her history (as well as a few darker toned songs thrown in) on the 30th at 9pm EST (directly after TavernTales).

Speaking of Nightmare Night, I'll be attending NightmareNightDallas the weekend of Nov. 9th along with Nitz from LR. So, if you are going, come say hi to me and Nitz! We'll be hanging out with the PVL crew (most of the time).

Event Times Fix

- by BronyBorn

It has been brought to my attention that the schedule is still having issue with times correctly showing. I have added a script that should translate the times to each user's local timezone (as set by their computer). Please let me know if there are conflicts or other issues via UserVoice or station email. Thank you.

It's been fun

- by BronyBorn

I have a bit of sad news. My co-owner Blacjak21 is no longer with Luna Radio. It was a true pleasure working with him, but he has decided to move onto other things. We wish him well with whatever he will be doing in the future.

Similarly, DJ Dasadan has also decided to part ways with our station. I'm not sure of his reason, but we wish him well on his future endeavors anyway.

1 Year Aniversary

- by BronyBorn

Well... I already made a post about this, and I don't really feel like copypasta tonight... so here's a link. go check it out for more info about this weekend's celebration.

More New Stuff

- by BronyBorn

NEW STUFFS! (sorta)

We have two shows joining us now. First off, we'd like to welcome back Tinker and his podcast "That Brony Show" from their hiatus. Secondly, we have a brand new show about making music titled "Composition Central", hosted by the anon dubbed Fluttertree.  Both of these shows are on Fridays (EST). You can find the times on the schedule.

Haven't posted in a while.

- by BronyBorn

So, I've been busy with a few things... both LR and my own life. Mainly just a lot of coding. But I have finished a few projects. So now that I have a bit more free time, I'm going to start figuring out a way to make the radio stay consistent across the site (ie. ajax). So that should be coming out somewhat in the near future. I'll see about maybe having the chat be consistent as well, but that'll wait till later.

As always, if you have suggestions or just want to leave a comment... just reply to this post or send us an idea in the UserVoice tab on the right side of the site. Thank you for supporting us, it means a lot.

The Spoken Equestria

- by BronyBorn

If you guys tuned in this afternoon, you may have heard the prelude of an audiobook of Past Sins read by our newest team member, Illya Leonov. Illya will be doing a weekly podcast of audiobooks and narritives of fanfictions on Sundays at 6PM EST. We welcome him to the Luna Radio family and can't wait for more awesome readings!

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