That's Better...

- by BronyBorn

Alright, so the website should be up to par now. The schedule and async browsing both work as intended (afaik). I'm aware there is a few issues with user profile information stuff and I'm looking into that. Please leave a comment for any other issues that come up with the website.

New Year, New Site

- by BronyBorn

It's been a while, but I finally got the core components of the new website finished. I could blame the delay for getting it done this late on life being busy, but I also procrastinated... a lot... sorry. But it's done now and it should run better than the previous version. **Note:** The events page doesn't work atm due to google recently updating their gCal API which broke our existing setup. Fixing this is first on my TODO list. Please do leave feedback on the new layout via comments or email to lunaisbored(@)gmail(.)com (remove the brackets).

2 Years And Still Running

- by BronyBorn

Well, another year gone by... man, does time fly...
I'm not one to over hype anniversaries, but I am proud of how far we've come. Thank you all for supporting us (even if you are new here).


So, things are starting to rev back up again for us. The station will be having a lot of new in the near future. Here's what you can expect:

  • New Website! - I was hoping to get it completed by today, but it's still missing the asynchronous browsing and a few more minor features. Until then, I just wanted to let you guys checkout what the new site is going to look like. (Note: The main site and the new site do not share DB info. Changes to account data on one will not effect the other at this time. Existing accounts that were made prior to today are on both sites.) 
  • New Music - It's getting close to completion. The first half of the new/updated music will be uploaded within the next month or so. The other half still needs to be scrubbed through. (Trust me... it's a LOT of new music)
  • New Promos - We will be updating and adding some new show promos as well. I know you guys love to listen to Illya's voice, but variety is the spice of life, is it not?
I hope you guys are looking forward to this update.

Hay, whats going on! has been moved to twitch for the day

- by Blackwind for todays show, sorry for any incovienience.

Progress Progresses

- by BronyBorn

Work has been going on behind the scenes and progress is being made. Here are the current states of the updates I mentioned in the previous blog post.

1) BABS - The bot has been renamed to TrenderBot since the IRC name BABS was taken. Trender is in a basic beta state. It automatically announces shows that are coming up and can also be prompted for said info via command. This was the goal for the initial stage. More work will be done after the other updates are finished.

2) LAMP - This has made a bit of slow progress due to the sheer amount of music that is being sorted through for making sure that it fits our genre and quality standards. There has been somewhere around 50 unique artists that have been sorted through so far, with about 40 or so more to go. The music is being manually gathered up, and this is a fairly time consuming process; but there are MANY fantastic artists with awesome music that we want to share with you guys, so please bear with us and be patient for a little longer. Thanks.

3) WIP - The website is making some progress. It will take a bit longer than anticipated due to the features we are wanting to add. Since it's taking so long, here's a few things that are planned to be in the new website.

  • Async Browsing - Mainly so that the radio and chat are consistently running while navigating our website.
  • Artist of the Month - This will be to promote artists whose music we play on LR with a new one featured every month. (This is pretty much done.)
  • Polls - This will be the primary way for us to get your feedback on things we want to do with Luna Radio. (Will require an account with LR to vote, viewing will be public.)
There will be more than just those, but that's pretty much the main parts that are being worked on at the moment.

A grateful shout-out to Antonov A., Antoine V. and Luis M. for their donations.

Things to come...

- by BronyBorn

So I realize that there haven't been many updates here recently, and whether or not that will change in the future is to be seen... BUT there will be some big updates coming in the next few months (they will be worked on in the order listed).

1) BABS (Brony Announcement Bot System): PVL's IRC bot that I'm heading development for. She'll be helping get the IRC a bit more active and such for both LR and PVL in general.

2) LAMP (Lr Autodj Music Project): Luna Radio's AutoDJ collection is quite a number of months old and is high time for some fresh sounds.

3) WIP (Website Improvement Project): I've been contemplating what would be best to improve the website recently. With a good amount of feedback from you guys, I've got a solid idea of where to take the site next. (Yes, it includes a radio that stays playing across pages)

The first 2 shouldn't take TOO long, but the third one will be a bit more time consuming. I'll keep you guys updated when I can.

Special thanks to Ralph B., Gabriel G. and Latent Logic for their recent donations.


- by Blackwind

Today is the day, despite the schedule, that HWGO returns. we got some new blood, and some old. the fat has been trimmed. and some more meat added. Hope you tune in to meet the new people I found. 


New Blood

- by BronyBorn

So, a couple days later than I originally planned, I'm proud to announce that Luna Radio has gained not one, but two podcasts this week. It was a bit sudden, but hey, no time like the present.

The podcasts are No Hooves Barred on Thursdays and Lunar Echoes on every other Friday. Check the schedule for exact times

HWGO Status Change

- by Blackwind

Those of you who tune in weekly to HWGO may have noticed a quality drop recently. I plan to change that, but I will need to make some changes. Changes take time however and thus from this week to Feb 1st, the show will not be able to be run while i make the preparations and the changes, train up some new people, cut people who don't do their job or who are unreliable at best. Please forgive me for this interruption of service. Send any comments on the current show format that you like, or suggestions on what we could do better to:

Thank you for your patience.


Small Update

- by BronyBorn

I've been busy with some IRL things (trying to get a job, working on some sites, etc), so I haven't been able to work on LR as much as I'd like.
But I'd like to let you know that there is a new podcast we will be broadcast starting Thursday. Check the Schedule for exact times.

Also, a shoutout to Sirus Star for a $15 donation. Thank you.

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