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Welcome to Luna Radio

Luna Radio is a community-driven radio station that was founded in September of 2012. We are an easy listening based radio, and as such our AutoDJ features fun songs influenced by the classical and acoustic genres. The Luna Radio show hosts always have an entertaining interaction with the listeners as well as fun and engaging podcasts. Our goal is to provide a fun and pleasant listening experience.

Here are the latest updates:

Hay, whats going on! has been moved to twitch for the day

- by Blackwind for todays show, sorry for any incovienience.

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Progress Progresses

- by BronyBorn

Work has been going on behind the scenes and progress is being made. Here are the current states of the updates I mentioned in the previous blog post.

1) BABS - The bot has been renamed to TrenderBot since the IRC name BABS was taken. Trender is in a basic beta state. It automatically announces shows that are coming up and can also be prompted for said info via command. This was the goal for the initial stage. More work will be done after the other updates are finished.

2) LAMP - This has made a bit of slow progress due to the sheer amount of music that is being sorted through for making sure that it fits our genre and quality standards. There has been somewhere around 50 unique artists that have been sorted through so far, with about 40 or so more to go. The music is being manually gathered up, and this is a fairly time consuming process; but there are MANY fantastic artists with awesome music that we want to share with you guys, so please bear with us and be patient for a little longer. Thanks.

3) WIP - The website is making some progress. It will take a bit longer than anticipated due to the features we are wanting to add. Since it's taking so long, here's a few things that are planned to be in the new website.

  • Async Browsing - Mainly so that the radio and chat are consistently running while navigating our website.
  • Artist of the Month - This will be to promote artists whose music we play on LR with a new one featured every month. (This is pretty much done.)
  • Polls - This will be the primary way for us to get your feedback on things we want to do with Luna Radio. (Will require an account with LR to vote, viewing will be public.)
There will be more than just those, but that's pretty much the main parts that are being worked on at the moment.

A grateful shout-out to Antonov A., Antoine V. and Luis M. for their donations.

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